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When Will

Love Find You?

You've done a lot of work on yourself.  

You've been putting yourself out there, you've been dating, showing up as your best self and you're still single?

Have you ever considered that maybe it's all about timing?

With years of research, we've identified 80 relationship triggers in your natal chart and all you need is 3 at once to conjure up the energy of a committed relationship entering your life. 

Not just dating but a committed partnership.


Image by Joel Overbeck

In this reading we will explore:

  • Your Happiness (Your Moon Sign)

  • Vedic Astrology Triggers

  • General Triggers

  • Maturation of the Planets

  • Western Astrology Triggers

  • Profection

  • Transits

  • Progressions

  • Eclipses

  • Solar Arc

  • Solar Return

  • Planetary Return

When Will Love Find You Reading
$195 Investment
(Subscriber Special, On Website As $294)

Readings are custom to your time of birth.
(You will need your time of birth)
After booking you will be redirected to a form to fill in your birth details and to my calendar for your session.

You will receive a series of dates to insert into your calendar for when the energy will be active over the next 2 years. 

The session is 60 minutes and live on Zoom with camera off.  You will be able to record the session, be sure to be on a desktop or a laptop to record and not on your phone.
Contact me if you need an alternative to Zoom.

There is currently a 1 week wait time. 
Orders are processed in the order they are received.

If you give me incorrect birth details, the reading won't be redone.
If for whatever reason you miss the session, I will go on without you and email you the recording.

Readings are transferable to another person within reasonable
time and non-refundable. 

I read using Whole Sign House & Tropical Zodiac

My little sister had 7 triggers when she met her fiancé.


Do not miss any important windows of opportunities in your life to go out and mingle and perhaps more importantly: know when to focus on yourself when no windows are active.

When Will Love Find You Reading
$195 Investment
(Subscriber Special, On Website As $294)

I will search your chart until I find
at least 3 activation windows!

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