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Astrology Reading 

When you took your first breath of air,
the whole universe got imprinted upon you. 
Your birth chart isn't replicated for 26000 years, it's your unique energy signature.

That blueprint is your soul's destiny.

It's the gifts you carry from other timelines, the map to your internal wiring and the people you will meet.

  • Activate your soul's mission and remember past life gifts by learning about your Lunar Nodes of Destiny.

  • Learn how to locate your magical 11th house of wish fulfillment to manifest your heart's desires.

  • Your Progressed Chart is the most accurate predictive technique in astrology.  Find out if your Progressed Moon is in the mood for new love,  for the status quo or for a breakup. 

  • Find out if big, life changing events will take place in the near future by looking at your Solar Arc chart.

  • Locate the house of the next New Moon's in your chart to maximize your manifesting power.

  • Dig deeper into your chart by finding out house rulership and the deeper meaning.

"By having a clear picture of your inner wiring, you can become aware of the built-in "glitches", and you can choose not to continue behaviors that aren't working for you."

Jan Spiller

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  • ​The planet Saturn is known as the great teacher and uses people whom you are karmicly endebted to to teach you his lessons, find out how.

  • When Pluto the great transformer, Uranus the great awakener or Neptune the great disolver trigger one of your personal planets or get triggered nataly by current transits, you can expect the area of life it's in to go through some extreme changes. 

  • If you have planets all clustered together in your chart, your psychological make-up will be vastly different than someone who doesn't because the planets influence one another.

  • Find out what is currently going on in the sky and if it will affect you this year.

  • When the asteroid Chiron (our wound in life) is discovered and embrassed, it becomes our greatest gift.


60 Min

You will receive a zoom link for our session & you will be able to record the session, be sure to be on a desktop or a laptop to record and not on your phone. 

If for whatever reason you miss the session, I will go on without you and email you the recording.

I read using Whole Sign House & Tropical Zodiac

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