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Helping You Become Limitless

By Clearing Old Energetic Baggage &

Upgrading Your Software With 

Akashic Records

Why The Akashic Records?

Why The Akashic Records?

The Human Soul

Quantum Physics states that the human soul has 10 dimensions. Yes 10. (who are we to argue with quantum physics?)

Let’s start with the basics: what is the difference between you and a dead body?  You have (are) a soul!

Your soul enters your body at your first breath of air and leave it at your last.... and yes, we do go through that cycle a few times to say the least.

We are here on earth experimenting the 3rd dimension, the 3D.  Objects, bodies, our 5 senses.  It’s the most dense dimension, things manifest at their slowest here.

The 4th dimension is our mind, you reading this.  We can time travel in the 4D.  We can plan for the future and we can remember the past.

The 5th through 10th dimension is part of what’s called your “higher-self”. It’s like the internet, it’s an information super highway and we are all connected at that level, like the roots of trees.  You know how you think of someone and then they text you?  Yes, 5th dimension! 

No we don’t see these dimensions but we don’t see WiFi either and we do believe in WiFi .

You have something called your Akashic Records in your 5D.  It’s a record of every single choice your soul has ever made.  We are only really interested in the negative choices you’ve made that are still impacting your life.

You see your past choices are still stuck in your energy field.  Everything is energy and like attracts like.

The most common blocks that I’m finding on people is that they joined a religious organization at some point in their many incarnations: they made a vow of poverty, or chastity or suffering and they wonder why their finances or love life is just never working out!

Through accessing your records we are able to locate the ROOT cause of your energetic blocks and clear them.


"This is AMAZING!!!  I had quick and massive changes in my world not to mention I feel like a new person!
You are so professional and clear, it's truly amazing the things that you can pull up from my past - and that they are cleared!  I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner, best money I've ever spent!"
Nancy W.


Akashic Records


Find out who you are at Soul level, what your gifts are and if you are utilizing them.  We take a look at what your soul looked like at it's origination and compare it to now.  We can then spot the negative choices you've made in the form of blocks and restrictions that are negatively impacting your life and clear them for good.  What is so different about this modality is that we find the root cause, not just the karmic pattern you are repeating.  The human soul is unfortunately very damaged, I've yet to encounter anyone that didn't have Soul Loss in their records, a traumatic coping mechanism.  Soul Retrieval is simple and included in this service that will make you feel whole again.




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Welcome beautiful soul, my name is Caroline and I've created this website for you! Since you are reading this, let me assure you that you've landed in the right place.  


Having gone through a massive healing crisis myself several years ago – many people think that an awakening is filled with roses and angels lighting up the way for you.... it's not!  It's more like an initiation filled with challenges and multiple crisis moments, depression, anxiety and sadness – a process that is not pretty at all.  As part of my path, I've found many tools that helped me through this process without the need to rely upon anti-depressants or pharmaceutical interventions. I now feel called to help others through this difficult process: to come out at higher soul vibration rate than you are now.


You CAN become the very best version of yourself, that's the purpose of a healing crisis on the ascension path!   Just like a computer needs a good cleanup once in a while, we too need a system reboot & upgrades.  The more you raise your vibration by shedding lower energetic baggage, the better your life will become.


Have a look at the information and services to work with me. 


About me:


  • Advanced Soul Realignment Level 3 Master Certification.  Learn more here

  • Intuitive Life Coach certified by Christie Marie Sheldon.

  • NUCCA Chiropractor.  More info on locating someone near you to gently realign your body here.

  • Astrologer

  • Mother of one beautiful daughter

Body & Soul Alignment Specialist

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