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Property Clearing

The energy of your home is SO important!

A home possesses certain energetic qualities and we are attracted to properties that are in alignment vibrationaly to us.


Gateways, portalways, land reassignment (homes built on formal burial grounds, battle grounds or even sacred sites) can be the root cause depleting us of our vital force energy. 

An energetic clearing can restore harmony in the home for it's occupants.

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We know that we are attracted to properties that are vibrationally aligned to us. Over time, as we evolve and grow, we can become vibrationally misaligned to our property - we've changed, but our home has not!


Sometimes we become quite sensitive to our environment, especially if it is shared with other family members.













One example of what can be affecting your home is something called a negative thought form. Thoughts, given enough energy uphold a strong energy and just like with people, negative thought forms can be upheld within a property - by a whole family, or a group of co-workers or employees.  Similarly, negative thought forms can also be created about or directed at a property - sometimes our neighbors may have formed very distinct opinions about us!  These thought forms can have an effect on those living in the property.


Another example of an energetic block in your home is a gateway.  If portalways are energetic doorways, gateways are energetic highways! They are extremely disruptive and create a lot of discordant energy because a lot of Independent Negative Thought Forms will use them to come and go.

Gateways can cause us to lose sleep, to get very grumpy and disgruntled, unfocused, or lethargic. They draw a lot of energy from the inhabitants of the home, often making it hard for them to manifest what they want. Gateways are often “turnoffs” for prospective home buyers. They make us feel very uncomfortable.

Family Dispute

Let's talk about earthbound souls. One of the biggest problems on earth at the moments are earthbound souls. They are souls who have passed on from their bodies (have died) but haven't transitioned properly into the 5th dimension and beyond. They no longer have a body, they are confused and often don't realize they have passed on. This can happen if the death is unexpected, sudden and accidental.


Earthbound Souls may also be attached to a property.


Occasionally, Independent Earthbound Souls remain attached to a property because it is the place of their last transition, and while their family members may no longer be there, they learned to draw energy from the environment. The more Earthbound Souls are attached to a property, the more uncomfortable we feel in it.


Earthbound Souls within a property always lead to a low level generalized energy of confusion, frustration, anxiety, sadness, or stuck-ness. Remember, these Souls are stuck within the physical plane and don’t really understand their current situation. Earthbound Souls in a property should never be tolerated. They need to be helped transitioning to their next appropriate experience.   Some Earthbound Souls can lead to drama, upheaval, and disorganization within the property 

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Cemetery Gravestones

The Earth is much older than we are and so much has happened on the land that we currently live on.  Nowadays there are laws forbiding us to build on formal graveyards but what has happened 500 years and beyong for example, may need to be reformatted energeticaly. 


From time to time, land is consecrated or energetically assigned to a specific use.  This land assignment is upheld by the Earth on which the property is located until it is released and can be at odds with with the energy of a home or workplace.


A sacred site can make us feel like intruders in our own homes. We feel that we shouldn't be there. We simply don't feel comfortable. Building on a sacred site can also be filled with problems - permits may be delayed, etc.


A battle ground means the obvious - battles were once fought on the land. The land will hold the energies of upheaval, desperation, aggression, and sadness. There may be conflict with neighbors. There may also be a large number of Earthbound Souls attached to the property.


A burial ground can also lead to a large number of Earthbound Souls within a property. This can lead to a lot of anxiety, unrest, discomfort, frustration, and stuck-ness to the overall energy of the home.

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There are many other categories of blocks not discusted here that I will check for in your home and discuss with you in your session!

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