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Astrology Reading Sale

When you took your first breath of air,

the whole universe got imprinted upon you. 

Your birth chart isn't duplicated for 25000 years, it's your unique energy signature.

That blueprint is your soul's destiny.

It's the gifts you carry from other timelines, the map to your internal wiring and the people you will meet.

  • Activate your soul's mission and remember past life gifts by learning about your Nodes of Destiny.

  • Your Prenal Eclipses reveal more gifts & lessons your soul chose to experience in this lifetime.

  • Your Progressed Chart is the most accurate predictive technique in astrology.  Find out if your Progressed Moon is in the mood for new love,  for the status quo or for a breakup. 

  • Find out your Essential Dignity score.  The more planets you have in their home sign the easier life is.  The lower the score, the better you need to learn to navigate the transits to make the best of life.

"By having a clear picture of your inner wiring, you can become aware of the built-in "glitches", and you can choose not to continue behaviors that aren't working for you."

Jan Spiller

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  • ​The planet Saturn is known as the great teacher and uses people whom you are karmicly endebted to to teach you his lessons, find out how.

  • When Pluto the great transformer, Uranus the great awakener or Neptune the great disolver trigger one of your planets or get triggered nataly by current transits, you can expect the area of life it's in to go through some extreme changes. 

  • If you have planets all clustered together in your chart, your psychological make-up will be vastly different than someone who doesn't because the planets influence one another.

  • Find out what is currently going on in the sky and if it will affect you in 2021.

  • When the asteroid Chiron (our wound in life) is discovered and embrassed, it becomes our greatest gift.

$111  ($88 at Checkout)

You will receive a zoom link for our session & I will email you the recording afterwards.

I read using Whole Sign House & Tropical Zodiac


Synastry Reading Sale

Surfing Together
  • Synastry is matching up two people's chart to find out where your energy compliments or clashes with theirs and vise versa.
  • If a synastry chart has too many hard aspects the relationship will be difficult.  If the chart has too many easy aspects, one of the partners could get bored and leave the relationship.  Balance is key.
  • Find out if your asteroids Juno of partnership are in a harmonious connection.
  • We have clear markings to see if a relationship is a past life karmic debt and will end as soon as the lessons are learned or if it has a chance to endure.
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  • Understand your partner's current emotional needs based on their 2nd Progressed Moon.

  • Find out if there are any major transits hitting your charts next year.

  • Both partner's individual Nodes of Destiny as well as their Prenatal Eclipses reveal each other's gifts & lessons.

  • Find out if there are any Soul Contracts between the two parties.

  • Your Compostite chart is the Soul of the Relationship, find out what your joint mission is.

$133 ($99 at checkout)


You will receive a zoom link for our session & I will email you the recording afterwards.

I read using Whole Sign House & Tropical Zodiac

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