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Cards Of Truth


"I Have Never Met A Person,
Who Didn't Believe In Astrology,
That Actually Knew Anything About It."

Stephen Forest

What is Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient art form that is defined by the study of the cosmic cycles

& events and how they affect our lives here on Earth.  

For thousands of years, humans have observed and recorded the relationships and patterns between the planets in the sky and the Earth. It is a well-known scientific fact that the gravitational force of the Moon creates the rise of tides in the oceans (our bodies are made of 70% water).  The Farmer's Almanac uses astrology to determine growth cycles and the best time to plant and harvest crops.

Astrology is a science based on mathematics and astronomy. It tells us where the planets, Sun, Moon and stars were at the exact moment of our birth and how these placements affect our lives.  When you took your first breath of air, the whole universe got imprinted upon you like a screenshot creating what we call your birth chart. What's going on in the sky at the moment interacts with your natal placements and affects you.  Your birth chart isn't replicated for 26000 years, it's your unique energy signature.


With extreme accuracy, astrology is able to break down someone's personality, strengths, challenges, potential, journey, as well as give us an insight into what's coming next. Astrology gives us tools that allows us to maximize or get more out of life. It acts as a map to our internal wiring.  It can help us to see ourselves and our lives in a greater perspective— to get the big picture.  

The Cards of Truth System is an astrology based ancient technique that has been modernized into a software.  As it turns out, the traditional deck of cards is a calendar.  There are 52 cards in a deck and there are 52 weeks in a year.  The 4 suits are the 4 seasons.  Every planet is associated with a day of the week.  We have 13 cards per suit and we have 13 Moon cycles per year.  Every day of the year is connected to a card so the day that you are born carries that card's main energy.  Unlike other cards system such as the tarot where the artwork offers different interpretations of the meaning of the cards, much like the telephone game, messages can get distorted.  With the Cards of Truth system you get the card in it's purest most basic form, you get the truth.


We can look into your birth spread to determine important psychological details about you or we can look into the details of your 1 year spread to explore the specific timing of events.  The spread is already set for the rest of your life.  This is the most accurate system of predictions of your future.


"This is AMAZING!!!  I had quick and massive changes in my world not to mention I feel like a new person!
You are so professional and clear, it's truly amazing the things that you can pull up from my past - and that they are cleared!  I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner, best money I've ever spent!"
Nancy W.


Confident Woman

To discover more about yourself and your psychological makeup, your path and purpose, book a natal chart reading here

Hillside Romance

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Loving Couple

To find out WHEN love will finally enter your life book a When Will Love Find Me Reading here.

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Clear your energetic blueprint with an Akashic Record Reading here.

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Cards Of Truth Readings are finally available here!


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Welcome beautiful soul, my name is Caroline and I am obsessed with Astrology! 


It has been the greatest pleasure of my life to learn this ancient practice.  Having my North Node (destiny) in my 11th house of Astrology in the sign of Libra (relationships), I've been very curious within my own life about the timing of relationships and therefore have made it my vocation to help others explore theirs with the incredible tool astrology provides us with.  I've had the honor of partnering with Astrobutterfly and teach astrology in many of her courses.

The future fascinates me and making accurate predictions is my passion.  I'm a Pisces Sun with a Sagittarius Moon & Rising. In the Cards of Truth system I have the Queen of Diamonds as my birth card and the diamond suit wants to know when!


Have a look at the information and services to work with me. I would love to read for you!  Thank you in advance for allowing me to do what I love.


About me:



  • ​​Astrologer & Astrology Teacher for Astrobutterfly Courses.

  • Intuitive Life Coach Certified by Christie Marie Sheldon.

  • NUCCA Chiropractor.  

  • Advanced Soul Realignment Level 3 Master Certification.  Learn more here

  • Mother of a Beautiful Daughter: Kaia.

Body & Soul Alignment Specialist

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